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Aliases unknown
Gender Male
Relatives Doggy Don
Occupations Retired army-officer

Colonel is the brother of Doggy Don. He is smarter than Doggy Don, but not as brainy as the mice are. He used to be a soldier. 


Colonel is very kind to Doggy Don but despises the mice.


Colonel is a strong dog. He has many weapons up his sleeve to aid Doggy Don in their fights against the mice. He is also brainier than Doggy Don but he is not as clever as the mice.

Appearance Edit

Colonel is a very muscular dog. He is green in color and wears an army cap.

Friends Edit

Colonel is good friends with his brother, Don, despite sometimes arguing with him. He is also friends with Ballu, the vicious bulldog who lives next door, despite being too scared to admit it sometimes.

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