Aliases None
Gender Male
Relatives None known
Occupations Various

Ballu is a mad and grumpy bulldog living 2nd door to Doggy Don and Colonel. A warning in the most episodes is that Doggy Don and Colonel (or the mice,Major Saab,aliens and python rarely) accidentally break into his house and his precious things or his entire house, for which he can really give them a handful of several beatings.


Ballu is a fighter who often beats Doggy Don and Colonel. He is always grumpy and he sometimes beats the mice. In some episodes Ballu is Don's boss.

Abilities Edit

Ballu is very strong and he can lift up even 50 ton weighted things. But Ballu is not very clever.


Ballu is brown in color and has black spots, resembling the character Scooby Doo. He does not look like as muscular as Colonel. He has a brown long tail (and is also inspired by Bob the bulldog).


  • Despite being a bulldog, he strongly looks more like a Great Dane.

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